Feed solutions - Montel XLF
With Montel XLF - developed by Software Scenario - you can stream live price feeds and fundamental data straight into your personalised Excel spreadsheet - at the click of a button.

The Montel XLF is a tailor-made add-in to Excel for people who work with trading and analysis that will continuously synchronise your spreadsheets with updates from Montel and other sources. 

Automatic import and update of data is possible through a ‘push’ function, while templates can be developed on request. 

You can download:
- Live, intraday and end of day prices 
(power, gas, coal, CO2, oil and oil products, green certificates)
- European spot power prices
- Rolling front contracts and expired contracts
- Financial data
- European fundamental power market data 
- Nordic fundamental power market data
- Fundamental gas market data from European transmission and storage operators 
- Remit data
- Daily intraday forward gas curves 

For information about our services, please contact us on sales@montel.
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17:38, Tuesday, 11 December 2012

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